We’re saving another life!

We’re saving another life!

The story of Alina – a volunteer from Ukraine – deeply moved Omenaa Mensah. After the outbreak of war, the 22-year-old young mother ran under artillery fire to save her children. Unfortunately, due to the explosion of an anti-personnel mine, she lost the entire lower part of her face.

Unconscious and in a critical condition, thanks to the incredibly efficient logistical assistance of Professor Robert Gałęzowski – an expert in rescue operations – Alina was transported to the team of Professor Maciejowski, a medical Oscar laureate who received it in 2014 for performing the first face transplant in Poland.

It was Professor Maciejowski who contacted Omenaa Mensah asking for support for Alina. The Philanthropic Consortium, without hesitation, unanimously decided to allocate appropriate funds for this purpose, obtained through the involvement and support of big-hearted entrepreneurs during the TOP CHARITY 2023 Charity Auction.

The reconstruction, carried out by Professors Adam Maciejewski and Łukasz Krakowczyk, was a difficult, multi-stage journey, consisting, among other things, of over twenty multi-hour surgeries and procedures. They have accomplished a feat worthy of a medical “Oscar” (which we hope they will receive once again) – Alina can now speak, laugh, and eat independently.

We are delighted that Alina’s smile is one of the effects of such a beautiful initiative as the Philanthropic Consortium.