Website Regulations


  • 1. General provisions
  1. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) define the rules for using the website of the Omenaa Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), available at:

  1. The entity running the Website is the Omenaa Foundation, with its registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Heleny Kozłowskiej 1 lok. 43, 00-710 Warsaw, entered into the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and independent public health care facilities of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the KRS number: 0000509539, nip: 5272719133, REGON: 147357946 (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”).
  2. The User of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) is any person who uses it.
  3. The service operates on the basis of cookie technology. The principles of using “cookies” by the Foundation are contained in the Privacy Policy available at:
  4. The Foundation may also process the personal data of Website Users. The rules for the processing of personal data by the Foundation can be found at:
  5. The operator of online payments made via the Website is PayPro S.A., with its registered office in Poznań at ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number: 0000347935, nip: 7792369887, REGON: 301345068.
  6. All rights to the Website, including intellectual property rights to its name, Internet domain, as well as to templates, forms, logos, banners and photos posted on the Website belong to or are vested in the Foundation. Any materials made available through the Website may not be reproduced or distributed in any form or in any way on any fields of exploitation, including copying, photocopying and digitization, including posting on the Internet, without the written consent of the Foundation, except for materials marked with the phrase “Downloadable”, which may be downloaded and used in accordance with the law. The use of trademarks or graphic works covered by copyrights belonging to the Foundation without the consent of the Foundation is prohibited.
  7. Each Website User may contact the Foundation by e-mail at the following e-mail address: [email protected] or by traditional mail at the address of the Foundation’s registered office.


  • 2. Terms and conditions of service
  1. The User using the Website is obliged to read these Regulations and to comply with their provisions. Your use of the Service constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The use of the Website is free of charge and does not require registration.
  3. The User bears the costs of connection to the Website, in accordance with the price list of the telecommunications operator serving him/her.
  4. The Foundation through the Website allows the User to use the following services:

(a) to become acquainted with the content made available by the Foundation, in particular, concerning its statutory activities and current actions of assistance to those in need;

(b) to contact the Foundation;

  1. c) to make payments (donations) via online payments “Przelewy24” on the terms specified in the Terms and Conditions of the payment operator – PayPro S.A.
  2. The Foundation is not an entity providing payment services.
  3. The Foundation provides the Website with an up-to-date list of methods enabling making payments to the Foundation in order to support its statutory activities.
  4. As part of online payments, you can make payments using the following methods:

(a) online credit transfers;

(b) debit or credit cards.

  1. All receivables transferred to the Foundation via online payments must be expressed in Polish currency – PLN (PLN).
  2. Details of the transactions carried out are contained in the terms and conditions of “Przelewy24”, available at:
  3. The Foundation may make available on the Website a functionality enabling the User to regularly support the Foundation’s activities (hereinafter referred to as the “Recurring Payment”).
  4. The Recurring Payment is a monthly donation automatically made using a credit or debit card.
  5. In order to initiate Recurring Payment, please check the “Recurring Payment” option available on the payment form.
  6. After verifying credit or debit card details, the Foundation will receive the first donation and the User will receive an e-mail confirming the correct launch of the Recurring Payment.
  7. Subsequent donations under the Recurring Payment will be automatically transferred to the Foundation by the 10th calendar day of each month.
  8. The User may cancel the Recurring Payment at any time. To do this, contact the Foundation.
  9. In order for Users to properly employ the services available on the Website, it is necessary to jointly:
  10. a) have good Internet connection ;
  11. b) have installed devices allowing the use of Internet resources;
  12. c) utilize a web browser enabling the display of the device on the screen that is

 able to hypertext documents, linked on the Internet by a reputable web service,

and which supports JavaScript programming language, and also accepts cookies.

  1. The Foundation indicates that the use of the Website depends on the properties of the Internet and the User’s computer equipment, on which the Foundation has no influence.
  2. The Foundation shall not be liable for disruptions in the use of the Website, including interruptions in the functioning of the Website caused by force majeure, unauthorized actions of a person or third parties or incompatibility of the website with the technical infrastructure of persons using or trying to use the Website.
  3. The Foundation is not responsible for blocking the transmission of e-mails (or deleting e-mails) by the administrators of mail servers or by software installed on the computer of the person using the Website, including by anti-spam filters.
  4. It is forbidden to post illegal content on the Website, in particular, content calling for racial, ethnic, religious or sexual hatred, containing pornographic content, praising fascism, Nazism, communism, promoting violence, offending religious feelings or violating the rights of other people, in particular, their personal rights.
  5. If the Foundation becomes aware that the User has placed illegal content on the Website, it will immediately prevent access to it. In the event of undue blocking of access to the published content, please contact us at: [email protected] within 7 days from the date of blocking. After this period, the published content may be irretrievably deleted by the Foundation.
  6. All content and comments are posted by the Website User in his/her own name and solely under his/her own responsibility.


  • 3. Conditions for the conclusion and termination of contracts for the provision of electronic services
  1. The contract for the provision of electronic services is concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated by the User or the Foundation on the terms set out below. The contract for the provision of electronic services shall be deemed to have been activated when the User begins use of the Website.
  2. The User, without giving any reason, is entitled to terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services at any time, with immediate effect.
  3. Termination of the agreement regarding the provision of electronic services by the User may take place in any way, in particular, by:
  4. a) discontinuing the use of the Website;
  5. b) sending a written statement to the address of the Foundation’s registered office or to the Foundation’s e-mail address indicated in § 1 section 8 of the Regulations.
  6. The Foundation has the right to terminate the agreement, the subject of which are services including Recurring Payments, with a monthly notice at the end of the calendar month, due to important reasons consisting in the cessation of the provision of the service being the subject of the agreement, by submitting a notice of termination to the User.
  7. The Foundation’s statement referred to in section 4, is submitted by its publication as part of the Website.
  8. The Foundation is responsible for non-performance or improper performance of services covered by the agreement with the User in accordance with generally applicable provisions of law.


  • 4. Complaints
  1. Each User has the right to submit a complaint in matters related to the functioning of the Website, as well as the performance of services specified in § 2 section 4 of the Regulations by the Foundation.
  2. Complaints should be submitted by e-mail (to the e-mail address of the Foundation, indicated in § 1 section 8 of the Regulations, by entering in the title “Complaint”) or in writing.
  3. The Foundation will respond to the complaint within 30 days from the date of its receipt.
  4. The response to the complaint will be sent to the User to the e-mail address indicated in the complaint or if the complaint has been submitted in writing, to the e-mail address indicated in the letter or in writing to the address indicated in the letter. The Foundation is entitled to leave the complaint unanswered if its content does not indicate data enabling contact with the User.
  5. The Foundation informs that complaints regarding services provided electronically by third parties, access to which is related to the use of the Website by Users, including online payments provided by the operator, are dealt with by these third parties on the principles and in the manner specified in the regulations for the provision of services by these persons.


  • 5. Final provisions
  1. In the event of changes in the services, introduction of new functionalities of the Website or termination of the provision of services, the Foundation reserves the right to change these Regulations.
  2. Amendments to the Regulations will be published by the Foundation 7 days in advance before the date of their entry into force.
  3. The Foundation has the right to stop any of the activities described in the Regulations at any time.
  4. The Foundation reserves the right to disable the Website or limit the possibility of placing any content on it.
  5. The invalidity of one of the provisions of the Regulations does not affect the validity of its remaining provisions.
  6. The law applicable to the Regulations is Polish law.
  7. Any disputes between the Foundation and the User arising in connection with the User’s use of the Website shall be settled amicably in the first place. In the event of disagreement, the court competent to settle disputes shall be the court competent for the seat of the Foundation.
  8. The Regulations are available to Users on the Website at the following address: Regulamin.

  1. The Regulations in their current wording are valid from August 12, 2022.