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Targets of our Foundation

The main pillars of the Foundation’s activity are built on the values underlying a modern and well-off society. Each of the values was born in Omenaa’s heart as a result of her life experiences and today they define the Foundation’s lines of activity. They are: Education, Tolerance and Cooperation.


because everything Omenaa has achieved in life, she owes to education. When she was a kid, her dad used to say: “Cars, houses, jewellery – you can always lose. What we have in our heads, no one can ever take away from us.” That’s why one of the Foundation’s goals is to help education advance in places where access to it is still limited. We believe that it is only through education that children in the poorest regions of Africa have a chance at a better life. Not giving them food, clothes, or other gifts, but educating these children will be the best support we can offer. A good education will make them independent and able to decide about their own lives.


because Omenaa, due to her origin and skin colour, especially in her childhood, experienced many unpleasant situations resulting from the lack of tolerance in the Polish society. Hence, in her activities she attaches great importance to respect for other people, regardless of their origin, skin colour, orientation, material status, etc.

Tolerance goes hand in hand with education. Without education, there is no tolerance. It is the lack of knowledge that causes people to be afraid of representatives of a different race, religion or sexual orientation, making them channel their fear into hatred or aggression.


because as befits a businesswoman, Omenaa sees great potential in business development in Africa. Therefore, her ambition is to help create and strengthen business, social or cultural cooperation between Poland and Africa. However, a prerequisite for successful cooperation is getting to know your potential partners, understanding their limitations, capabilities and needs, and creating a healthy and mutually beneficial business relationship. No cooperation is possible without education and tolerance towards diversity.