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Support for Ukrainian Children


,We see the purpose of our actions only in wisely planned long-term activities and, therefore, we are working on creating centres for Ukrainian mothers and children for whom we wish to create a safe place providing educational, psychological and legal support. We would like to ensure education for the children and job activisation for the mothers” – says Omenaa Mensah, President and Founder of Omenaa Foundation.


We are currently developing a pilot centre in Konstruktorska Street in Warsaw in cooperation with Mondial Assistance, who have provided office space for the centre. Ashoka Polska is our strategic partner.


Simultaneously, we are arranging and equipping 5 rooms for children and 2 rooms for mothers. We will be able to host 100 people in total on an everyday basis there.


Moreover, together with Teach for Poland, who work on levelling educational opportunities and improving the quality of the educational system so that every child could have a chance to discover and develop their own potential, we are building a team of specialists: teachers, psychologists as well as children’s entertainers, and we are creating an innovative educational programme adjusted to the needs of the children under our care.


The children from Ukraine will be offered interesting educational and developmental activities by our centre. The younger ones will be given proper care by our highly-qualified teachers and wonderful entertainers. Their mums will be offered job advice and efficient help in seeking employment.


We wish to provide everyone with the best care of our empathic personnel in the best place possible. Food will also be served on the premises.


More and more companies, our Foundation’s friends, are joining the project. They offer their help in equipping the rooms, providing educational materials and multimedia equipment as well as ensuring food and toiletries supplies for our children.