Omenaa Mensah and Rafał Brzoska are helping Ukraine

Omenaa Mensah and Rafał Brzoska are helping Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been going on for two years now… Over 1.2 million of our sisters and brothers from across the eastern border have found shelter in Poland. Most of them are women and children who need special support.

The assistance of Omenaa Mensah and Rafał Brzoska for Ukraine continues and will continue! Immediately after the Russian aggression, together with Polish businesses that united in the most heartwarming way, they started working on creating the RiO Edu Center, which to this day helps Ukrainian refugees and their children.

In just 20 days from the outbreak of the war, they managed to fully equip the center, accommodating over 100 people daily. The center provides warm meals, Polish and English language lessons, vocational activation, legal, medical, and psychological assistance, as well as all-day care for children.

At the same time, the couple of entrepreneurs established the RiO Vibe Center – a mental health clinic for Ukrainian children, where an experienced team of therapists provides support. So far, 2,325 war-affected children have benefited from it.

In total, Omenaa Mensah and Rafał Brzoska allocated approximately 7 million Polish złoty to various aid projects. Together with Polish businesses, they organized the Polish Hearts Convoy – the largest private humanitarian aid transport for civilians. 34 wagons worth almost 5 million złoty full of food, medicine, sleeping bags, and blankets reached those in need.

As part of the Philanthropic Consortium, the spouses contributed funds to 7 projects, including financial support for the war victim, Alina Tsoi. They both declare that they do not intend to stop helping!