The #EcoIsUs Campaign summarized!

The #EcoIsUs Campaign summarized!

On Wednesday, September 20, in the educational garden of High School No. 9 in Łódź, the #EcoToUs! EcoArt for a Just Cause project was summarized, organized by the OmenaArt Foundation and the City of Łódź. Omenaa Mensah, together with the Mayor of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, presented checks totaling 80,000 PLN for the renovation of children’s homes that participated in the project. The ladies announced an expansion of their pro-environmental cooperation. The Omenaa Foundation has committed to the second edition of the “Łódź Schools for Climate” program, which will result in additional educational gardens in Łódź educational institutions.

The #EcoToUs! campaign, initiated by Mayor Hanna Zdanowska and Omena Mensah, encourages a shift in daily habits towards more eco-friendly practices, thereby promoting the idea of environmental protection and conservation of our planet. Łódź children’s homes also participated in the project, taking part in the “#EcoToUs! EcoArt for a Just Cause!” competition. As part of this initiative, based on models developed by students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, children created original artworks using recycled materials.

“The #EcoToUs! EcoArt for a Just Cause! campaign combines ecological education with art, which is an excellent medium for conveying important global ideas. My journey with ecology began in Africa when I visited the largest electronic waste dump in Agbogbloshie, located on the outskirts of Accra, the capital of Ghana. This one of the most polluted places in the world is home to thousands of people, including children. Preventing the emergence of such places requires eco-education and a change in our habits to be more environmentally friendly,” said Omenaa Mensah.

The main prize in the competition, 40,000 PLN, was awarded to the Children’s Home for Small Children located at 9 Lniana Street. The other participating institutions: the Children’s Home for Small Children at 2a Zbocze Street and the Children’s Home for Small Children at 3/5 Drużynowa Street, received 20,000 PLN each. Representatives of the children’s homes received symbolic checks. Additionally, Mayor Hanna Zdanowska announced that the City of Łódź would arrange fruit and vegetable gardens in these children’s homes, where children could deepen their knowledge of eco-friendly cultivation.

The finale of the #EcoToUs! EcoArt for a Just Cause! campaign does not mark the end of Omena Mensah’s cooperation with the City of Łódź. On the contrary! Mayor Hanna Zdanowska confirmed that the Omenaa Foundation has become a partner in the second edition of the “Łódź Schools for Climate” program.

“The City of Łódź has long been committed to practical environmental education in schools. This is essential for repairing our planet; without the younger generations, it will certainly not succeed. I am very pleased that President Omenaa Mensah will support us in the “Łódź Schools for Climate” program. This is a project that could successfully be implemented in all Polish schools – teaching good eco-friendly habits from an early age, providing concrete examples, giving children and youth tools to fight for nature, simply for a better life. I hope that our collaboration with the Omenaa Foundation will yield results in this way,” said Hanna Zdanowska.