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The foundation is engaged in spreading the attitude of tolerance, arousing positive thoughts about diversity of other cultures and nations in children and youth and encouraging to increase interest in the fate of minorities. It builds up emotions and empathy, and thus teaches respect to the others and prevents discrimination. It shows that people are equal regardless of skin color or religion.
Establishing further international relations and using the latest technologies in its educational programs, the foundation and its activity will reach the farthest corners of the world. We will support Polish businesses and promote the local products to show that Poland is a good place for investment.

Statute – for download from the Omenaa Foundation’s website. Click and download.

Pillars of Activity

Range of the Foundation’s activity

You never know how heavy is the burden that you carry is not.

African proverb


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Meet our Founders

Amma Omenaa Mensah


Chairperson and ambassador of the Foundation

As a half Ghanaian, she is well aware of issues related to tolerance and cultural differences. Chairperson and ambassador of the Foundation. Television presenter, associated with TVN for 11 years. Owner of the Ammadora brand. Graduate of Poznan University of Economics, with major in management and European studies. Currently, 3rd year post-graduate student of a socio-economic PhD course at SGH in Warsaw

Monika Ledóchowska


V-Ce President and Founder

Professionally involved in marketing and advertising. Founder of QRA Production, a creative and event agency, which manages promotional campaigns and special events throughout Europe. Passionate and devoted to every new project and objective. One of them is our Foundation.

Daniel Ozon


Founder and Member of the Board

Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, he is actively engaged in the development of economic and social relations between Polish and foreign businesses. He is also involved in the business activity related to the stock market/the Kyoto Protocol.

Programme Council

Members of the Programme Council

Dorota Wellman

Polish journalist, presenter and producer of television and radio programmes.

Artur Buczyński

Deputy Mayor, Municipality Office for the Warsaw District of Wilanów.

As a Deputy Mayor, he is responsible, among others, for infrastructure, education, culture, promotion, sport, health and social matters.

Dr hab. Killion Munyama

Polish economics, university lecturer, local government official and politician of Zambian origin, Member of the Parliament of the VII term.

Prof. dr hab. Maciej Ząbek

Polish anthropologist and ethnographer. He is mainly engaged in the ethnography of Africa and the Middle East, and political anthropology.

Dr Patrick Kuma-Aboagye

Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye - Deputy Director and head of the Reproductive and Child Health Department of the Family Health Division, Ghana Health Service. With over 20 years of working experience as a doctor.

Omenaa Foundation

ul. Chłodna 48/105, 00-872 Warsaw, Poland
KRS Number F0000509539
Account Number in Polish Zloty: 50 1600 1462 1849 6079 7000 0001
Account USD: PPAB PLPK PL23 1600 1462 1849 6079 7000 0002
Account EUR: PPAB PLPK PL 93 1600 1462 1849 6079 7000 0003
Pamela Munyama: +48 693 233 644, pamela@omenaafoundation.com
Agnieszka Kołogrecka: 601 407 033, agnieszka@bwr.pl

We seek business partners to cooperate with us!

Our offer is addressed to companies interested in the development and expansion into the African market. We intend to help in strengthening the ties between the Polish and African businesses through an extensive network of contacts. Our main area of interest is promoting the attitude of tolerance and providing education to children and adults who have not had a chance to get it.