Tolerance means an attitude precluding discrimination of other people, it involves acceptance, recognition and respect for others’ behavior and beliefs and appreciation of cultural differences.

It is an objective approach, respecting attitudes different from ours. People often consider themselves tolerant, but sometimes those are just empty words. As part of Omenaa Foundation’s activity we would like to show that people are equal regardless of their skin color or religion. In today’s world, there are so many nationalities that their mutual tolerance is essential, it helps to live in the society and to establish contacts. We should not intimidate others or judge them by appearance

Other cultures should not be treated as a threat to ours or as our enemies, but as something interesting and worth knowing. We should learn that the fact that someone is different than us doesn’t mean he is worse or of less value. Some people still have problem accepting others, different than themselves, while everyone is the same! Let’s make living on our Planet better, without hostile behaviors and discrimination! We will try to change people’s attitude to other nationalities, learn them to be tolerant, respective and emphatic. We intend to decrease manifestations of discrimination and intolerance. Our goal is to help people feel accepted by the society they live in. We will show that our culture is as interesting as any other, that we live in a multicultural country where everyone should feel free.