The richest Polish men invests in Africa!

In published 30 June by the weekly WPROST the ranking of the 100 richest Poles on the arm-chair of the leader sat down dr Jan Kulczyk. His fortune is estimated at about 13 billions zloties, whereof almost 3 billions from investments profits in Africa. The capital group Kulczyk Investments includes 150 companies, from among whose 20 invests in Africa . They deal with, among others, exploration and extraction of natural resources in the delta of Niger, and also in Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania. Kulczyk also has a stake in AngloGold Ashanti, which is in the possession of the gold mines, among others, in Namibia. Dr. Jan Kulczyk more than once underlined that the Black Land has a huge potential and is a huge chance for countries of Europe Central-Eastern. Out there are rich deposits of natural resources, and the countries characterized by a large demographic potential. According to the World Economic Outlook in 2014, Sub-Saharan Africa will develop at the rate 5,6-6 percent. Jan Kulczyk emphasizes that in order to get the position of a major player in Africa need much less. The Chinese, who are the dominant investor on the continent, have released so far about 10 billions $, more than ten times less than what the European Union issued the rescue of the Greek economy. Kulczyk believes that the European Union should strive to establish a partnership. I dream of a Euro-African Union… – he said.
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