There is no need to question the fact that education is of high importance and that it is worth to invest in educating children, because it will help them to get a better start in adult life and ensure a secure future.

Without a good education we will not get a good profession, studying expands our horizons and is our future! Unfortunately, even today not every child gets the opportunity to get proper education.

There are still places, where there are no schools at all or the schools are very far away. It shouldn’t be this way! We wish to help those, who lack the access to education. We plan to build schools where there are most needed and thus give children a chance for a better life. We would also want to resume the students’ exchange between Poland and African countries – it used to be practiced and is worthy to carry on. We will create a series of training courses for children and youth in which they will be able to learn words such as tolerance, discrimination and minority. We will show the culture of the countries using multimedia tools through which knowledge is transferred in a modern and accessible way.
Our programs are directed to all of those who wish to deepen their knowledge of other cultures and nations. We will show foreign traditions, customs and beliefs. We will prove that no culture is worse than the others and that all of them are equal and interesting, even if we may still don’t know enough about them. We will also have something for the fans of such subjects as biology and physics. Our workshops will be different from the typical lessons spent sitting behind the desks, because we intend to teach by experiments carried out by the students, with all of the objects being able to be touched and seen up close. This kind of learning provides lots of wonderful emotions and sensations, gives a sense of learning something new and interesting. We will show that science can be fun!